21st Century Discipleship Resources

Appendix 2: Book List

Hopefully I will have whetted your appetite. You may now want to explore some of these issues further on your own. To facilitate this I have prepared a list of books that I am able to recommend to take you deeper.


  • Jackie Pullinger, Chasing the Dragon
  • Michael Cassidy, xxx

The Bible

  • F F Bruce, The New Testament Documents, Are they reliable

The Trinity

  • Kallistos Ware, The Orthodox Way
  • David Pawson, Baptism
  • George Eldon Ladd, The Kingdom of God. Ladd was a conservative theologian who was a key influence on the emerging Vineyard movement particularly with regard to their understanding of the Kingdom of God.
  • NIV Study Bible - these excellent notes are now available with several different bible versions
  • Lion Bible Commentary
  • William Barclay New Testament Commentaries.Barclay is especially good at enabling the reader to see the Scriptures in their context.

Online Helps

You will have appreciated by now that while Christians can all agree on the fundamentals of their faith there is plenty of scope for individual perspectives on more peripheral matters. Questions are a good thing and I would encourage you to dig deeper.