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Appendix 1 : Notes for Group Leaders

Notes for Group Leaders

Session 1: Getting to know you

The purpose of the introductory session is to break the ice and help us to get to know one another over cup of coffee or, depending on numbers, perhaps a meal.

It is an opportunity to give an outline of the course and deal with any questions or uncertainties that arise.

It is helpful at this stage to establish:

  • What is the aim of the course?
  • At what time is it intended that the meeting will start and finish.
  • Where should we meet? Various factors, such as the need for baby sitters, may influence this choice.
  • What to bring? For instance if a bible - which version?

Some people may already have had the experience of attending a “Just Looking” course such as Alpha and may be relatively familiar with the format and style of the course. For others it will be totally new and strange. As always flexibility is the key word.

It is unwise to assume too much and not everyone will be at the same point on the faith journey. For some the course may well be the catalyst that God uses to bring them to faith.

Be unshockable. Accept people where they are and help them to move on.