21st Century Discipleship Resources


The genesis of the current work lay in a series of notes that I first developed when I was leading the pre-baptismal classes at Altrincham Baptist Church, Cheshire, England back in the mid 1980’s. These subsequently were further developed, together with Sue Tomlinson and Jackie Stokoe, as a twelve week Nurture Course for new Christians, which we entitled Foundations and published in the year 2000 under the auspices of the Nurture Team at Altrincham Baptist.

Supplementary Teaching notes were also provided by Nigel G Wright, who at that time was Senior Minister of the church and later became the Principal of Spurgeon’s College in London.

Following Nigel Wright’s departure to Spurgeon’s, the Nurture Team at Altrincham ceased to operate but rather than shelve the material that had been produced I decided to publish it online ([www.digital-disciple.com][1]) and make it freely available to the wider Christian community. Over the course of time I added other material that I have produced (see my sister volume, 'The Apostle’s Creed and Other Writings').

The present work is a substantial rewrite of that original Foundations Course, reintroducing earlier material that had to be left out because of space constraints (we originally set ourselves the goal of each Session being no more than two sides of A4 for ease of printing) and further developing some of the concepts discussed to represent the present author’s deepening understanding. The views expressed here are therefore mine alone.

It remains the intention that this should be first and foremost a resource for the discipling of new Christians, either in a small group situation or as individuals studying on their own, however, it is my hope that it would also be of benefit to those who are looking for a short refresher of Christian discipleship from a practical and biblical perspective.

Constructive feedback and readers comments are always very welcome as I have no doubt this will continue to be an evolving work in progress.

Michael Partridge
March, 2015.

Note: Unless otherwise stated all scriptures are taken from the NIV © Zondervan 2011.